I started RIMAAD as a way to connect artists and support local community organisations

Together we aim to support each other, help local wildlife and express the beauty of the natural world through art and design.

Make Art Accessible to Anyone

We believe art needs to exist to add joy and inspiration within all walks of society. Whether you’re looking for an original artwork for your home or office, a limited edition print or a product featuring one of our designs, there’s a price to match your budget.

Purchase with Purpose

A portion of all our sales go directly to environmental and community organisations so not only are you bringing a beautiful piece of nature into 
your life, you’re also helping protect wildlife and preserve our planet for 
future generations.

Ethical and Environmentally Sustainable

Our production processes are transparent and non-exploitative. All our wearable products are handmade and printed with environmentally friendly inks. You can learn more about the artists who make up RIMAAD on our 
Artists page

Re-envision Nature

We want to help you appreciate the natural world that surrounds us all and maybe even see it in a new light. The artwork and design reflects the energy and beauty of the precious environment we live in and brings it to life through colour to brighten up your day.

Locally Produced

All of our art prints are best quality archival weighted prints produced and made in Australia. None of our art is mass produced, we want you to walk away with a special creation that’s exclusive to a few lucky owners.