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Art Deco Palm / Limited Edition Fine Art Print

In 1925, the French government sponsored a very special exhibition, called the “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industrials Modernes,” and this began a new design movement, which we know today, as “Art Deco.” I grew up in a town that was rebuilt on the innate lines of Art Deco, streamlined, elegant and with a touch of glamour here and there. “Art Deco Palm,” is simply my own rendition of this period, imbued with a little quirkiness. It is subtle, but also quietly colourful and it has a warmth, sincerity and simplicity for the viewer.

 Art Deco Palm, is delightful and suitable for any neutral or coloured wall space you might have, be it an entrance, office space, bedroom, living room, or kitchen and dining room.


  • Art Deco Palm, comes unframed and is printed on fine art cotton rag archival paper at the weight of 308gsm. These limited edition prints are simply beautiful. Each print is numbered and signed by hand.
  • Art Deco Palm, is offered in one size (A3) and in a limited edition of 10 Unframed prints only. No Limited Editions will be reproduced in other sizes once sold out, and this is what makes them so special.
  • A3 print measurements: A3 prints: 297 x 420 mm, with image size 270 x 322 mm.
  • Art Deco Palm, fits into a standard frame of your choice, or visit your local framer, and choose a custom frame if you’re after something extra special.


  • Domestic shipping in Australia is $25.00 for all unframed Limited-Edition Prints. Each A3 print comes flat packed and  A2 prints come in a mailing tube. All prints are shipped from the RIMAAD studio in Far North Queensland. 


Please note, that an additional flat-rate fee of $25 (AUD) will apply to ship all unframed Limited-Edition Prints outside Australia. Please contact us at info@rimaad.com for all inquiries.