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January 04, 2021 2 min read

In Australia, we are blessed with an incredible array of stunning landscapes and wildlife but in the fast pace of modern life, we don’t always get the time or opportunity to experience the natural environment regularly. By bringing the natural world inside, you can create your own little natural oasis and reconnect with nature, even if the only jungle around is a concrete one.

The benefits of nature for health and wellbeing

If you’re feeling stressed out, bringing more nature into your home or workplace has proven benefits for both your mental and physical health. A report commissioned by Beyond Blue showed that just looking at a natural view through a window can reduce stress, depression and anger, and help us feel more rejuvenated. This is because we are designed to be out in nature, it’s only been within the last few hundred years that we’ve moved more and more indoors.

How to bring a touch of the natural world into your space (a few tips)

  1. Hang nature-based artwork. A beautiful Australian landscape or artwork featuring native wildlife (like our gorgeous owls) can be a great way to reconnect with our unique natural landscape and feel inspired by the bright colours and distinctive creatures with whom we are lucky enough to share our country.
  2. Use natural colours. Decorating in natural colours can create a sense of calm and serenity. If you’re worried about drowning in a sea of beige you can always jazz things up with a bright nature-based print or original artwork.
  3. Make use of natural materials. Natural materials are a great way to create a more natural feel in your home or workplace. Think stone, timber, bamboo, cane and plenty of indoor plants and you can have your very own rainforest hideaway at home.
  4. Capitalise on views of nature outside. A view of the ocean or even just a tree outside the window can be soothing and de-stressing and provides an instant connection with nature, even if you’re inside all day. Something as simple as rearranging the furniture so you are facing the window from your desk can help you feel more connected with nature.
  5. Take nature with you. Even when you’re not at home or work, you can still take a bit of nature out and about with you. How about a beautiful scarf or brooch that will let you carry the Australian natural landscape with you wherever you go?

By bringing the natural world into your indoor spaces you can enjoy mental and physical health benefits as well as creating a beautiful environment in your home.

Bonus: When you buy one of our Australian wildlife-themed artworks, 10% goes to support Tasmanian Wild Baby Rescue. Help Australian wildlife and get a beautiful piece of nature for your home - check out our artworks here.